All About Azuki, The Traditional Japanese Red Bean Dessert

The dessert is made form azuki, which is a type of bean commonly grown in East Asia and the Himalayan region. It is seen as healthy alternative to many sweets, as it is rich in dietary fiber and protein. Like with many Japanese dishes, red bean soup is considered seasonal and is typically consumed during the winter time. Historically, it was served at kanmi-dokoros, a type of sweets restaurant…Continue reading


Abekawa Mochi Cakes

Abekawa Rice Cakes (Abekawa mochi) are a type of Japanese snack made out of pounded glutinous rice and kinako flour (1). They are small, round, and bite sized, sometimes served with a lump of red bean paste or with a large lump of sugar (2). kinako flour is flour made from roasted soybeans, sometimes with added sugar and spices…Continue reading

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